Shot and edited four videos for a Christmas sermon series. All shot at various locations with multiple cameras. The second video, “A Gift Returned,” was directed remotely. I collaborated with the subjects to determine what shots were needed. I provided examples of the other videos for consistency across videos. They then shot with their iPhones and captured audio based on my instruction. Then, I edited all the footage and audio together.

A Gift Received

A Gift Returned

An Unexpected Gift

An Unopened Gift

Art directed and designed bi-monthly publication. Formerly Your Church magazine, redesigned the banner and the updated the interior graphic direction while maintaining some elements which readers were familiar. Imagery was a combination of custom photography, freelanced illustration, and stock imagery. Design approach was to bring visual excitement to esoteric and technical content.









Art directed and designed bimonthly digest. Formerly Christian Reader magazine, title was changed and a redesign was undertaken. Updated the type treatment for title treatments, quote callouts, and other elements to provide a cohesive and modern look. Each issue was a combination of custom photography by freelance photographers and illustrators, PR-provided imagery, stock imagery, and in-house photography.







Designed capabilities brochure for commercial office design company. Concept was for a clean, modern, and open design that would complement their design philosophy. Leveraging their corporate color as an accent guides the reader’s eye through the sections discussing their offerings. Imagery was selected to provide a sense of uneasy motion on the cover contrasted by the calm, modern professional corporate environments the company promises to deliver.


In collaboration with CZ Strategy, we worked with the client to develop a series of videos that talk about their expertise in providing customized chemical solutions for the manufacturing industry. Shot on location at their facilities, we captured the founder and CEO describe their approach and offerings as well as some stylized examples of chemical reactions.

Mineral Masters

Chemical and Mechanical